Breath Of The Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild might have only received its Nintendo Labo VR compatibility update yesterday, but virtual reality enthusiasts have already discovered how to get it working with the PlayStation VR headset.

This method means you don’t need to own Labo VR and you won’t need to use Nintendo’s cardboard setup to try out the new update for Zelda on Switch. The more expensive headset pays off as well - with the image quality slightly sharper on the device’s OLED display. It's all thanks to the HDMI ports and PSVR Cinema Mode. ResetEra user PopsMaellard explained it in the following post:

One “HDMI TV” should still output from the PSVR box to the TV. The “HDMI PS4” input on the breakout box should be empty/unplugged. USB still plugged into the PS4, PS4 turned on.

On the front of the breakout box, the PSVR proprietary cable should be plugged in. The HDMI part of this split cable should be plugged into the switch.

Finally, still on the front of the breakout box, the HDMI Out (that was previously for the headset) should be plugged into the TV.

If you’re still a bit confused, below is GameXplain’s step-by-step video guide:

Do you happen to own all of the necessary equipment to try this out? How has your Zelda VR experience been so far? Tell us below.