Jigglypuff in Ultimate

Over the weekend, there was a mid-fight walk-off at 'Battle of BC 3' in Vancouver during the Super Smash Bros. Melee finals, when Alejandro "Chango" Gastelum took on Chaucer "Fauxebro" Gilson.

Gastelum reportedly played to Jigglypuff's strengths by avoiding his opponent's character (Ice Climbers) as much as possible during the fight. When it got to the final game, Chango took the lead with a 3-2 stock advantage and then decided to kill off the rest of the timed match by not engaging with his opponent. It got to the point where Fauxhebro's Ice Climbers stopped moving and the battle came to a complete standstill.

From here it gets a bit awkward, with the commentary team apologising to live stream spectators while the audience boos. A fellow Melee player in the background also raises his middle fingers at the camera to show he's not happy with the fight. Fauxhebro then unplugs his controller and walks off the stage. See how it all unfolds in the tweet below:

This incident has created a division within the Melee competitive community. Some players believe there was nothing wrong with the way Chango played and others think fights should be fast and frantic in order to remain as entertaining as possible. Conversations about limiting Jigglypuff's ability to essentially camp and banning this character from competitions altogether have now even been raised.

Prior to this incident, we found out Super Smash Bros. Melee had been dropped from EVO, signaling the end of an era.

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