Last August, around the time of QuakeCon, id Software Studio Director Tim Willits said Rage 2 was being considered for the Switch. In February this year, Willits provided an update, explaining how id and Bethesda were "still investigating" a potential Switch release.

Fast forward to the month of April and Willits has now made another comment about the possibilities of Rage 2 coming to the Switch, during an interview with DualShockers at PAX East 2019. According to the id Software Studio Director, there are some challenges with the technology, but there are "no plans" for Rage 2 on the Switch at the moment.

“Well, we’ve been looking into it. It’s just the technology, there are some challenges, but we’re always looking for future platforms and future people to work with. So, we like to investigate, but we have no plans for that right now.”

Compared to his previous statements, at least it's no longer a case of wondering if this game will be announced for the Switch in the near future.

Was Rage 2 a title you were hoping would make the Switch? Is DOOM and Wolfenstein enough? Tell us down below.

[source dualshockers.com]