A trailer for tomorrow's crossover event for Dragalia Lost has been released and it shows some of heroes from the company's strategy RPG series Fire Emblem appearing in Nintendo's hit mobile game.

As you can see, Alphonse, Marth, Fjorm and Veronica are among the heroes appearing in this crossover. The event, named Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes, will feature Defensive Battles, a new quest type with co-op play for up to four players.

According to the game's official website, other bonuses will also be in effect including the following:

1. Fire Emblem Bonus
Get wyrmite and other gifts when you log in during the event duration.

2. Main Campaign Half-Stamina Event
During the event, stamina expended while playing the main campaign will be cut in half.

3. Double Drops for Avenue to Power
During the event, drop rewards you can obtain from Avenue to Power will be doubled!

Following maintenance scheduled for tonight or tomorrow morning depending on your location , the event will be available until 13th (22:59 PT) or 14th May (6:59 BST) so you'll have plenty of time to check out these Fire Emblem heroes in a whole new world. Dragalia's success has helped Nintendo reach record profits with its mobile business, so we're sure to see more crossovers and support continue in the future.

Are you still enjoying Dragalia Lost or Fire Emblem Heroes? Will you be participating in this crossover event? Let us know with a comment below...

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