In its latest financial report Nintendo has posted some impressive results for its mobile business. Citing action RPG and new IP Dragalia Lost as an especially strong driver in this area, the Kyoto company reports an income of 46 billion yen (just shy of £320 million or over $411 million). That represents a sizeable increase of 17% year-on-year in its mobile-related endeavours.

With Mario Kart Tour set to release soon (there's a closed beta for Android users starting next month), After tentatively dipping its toe in with Super Mario Run, Nintendo has dived into mobile and is now doing furious lengths of the pool, with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Fire Emblem Heroes and the aforementioned Dragalia Lost all doing gangbusters.

With strong results also posted for the company's console business, there's no need to worry about Nintendo abandoning the hardware business just yet, but after a slow start (and a stumble with Miitomo), it's impressive to see how quickly its taken to mobile game development.

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[source nintendo.co.jp]