After a few weeks, Digital Foundry has now released a Trials Rising comparison video. While the performance and visual "cutbacks are quite extreme" in the Switch version, fortunately, the gameplay is fundamentally intact.

It's apparently a miracle the game has even landed on the Switch at all. This port uses dynamic scaling in both portable and docked modes and mostly maintains a resolution of 720p. In contrast, the base PlayStation 4 runs the game at 1080p and the base Xbox One version runs at around 900p.

In terms of visual comparisons, it's not hard to tell the Switch is missing a lot of environmental details. Though, the most noticeable difference in the final version of the game is still on the first level containing a lot of fog. A lot of other levels remove shadows, but it's clear the adjustments to each track in this version of the game are done on a level-by-level basis, suggesting there's been a lot of effort just to get the game up and running on the system. Texture mapping and filtering are also toned down and there's no ambient occlusion.

In terms of performance, there are still frame pacing stutters while docked and the game seems to handle 30fps better in portable mode. Other platforms run the game at 60fps, with a few stutters along the way. Overall, though, the Switch release is still "a lot of fun to play" and the differences aren't a serious issue if this is the only version you own.

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