Sheikah Slate Phone Charger
Image: @caoki8

We love nerdy gadgets and accessories here at Nintendo Life, and when those things are coupled with a nice bit of Legend of Zelda branding, we simply can't resist admiring - and probably purchasing - whatever it is we've seen.

Fitting wonderfully into all of the categories mentioned above is this Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild-inspired phone charger, made to look like Link's Sheikah Slate. We could sit here and tell you how amazing it is, or we could just invite you to watch this video shared by Twitter user, @caoki8. Sound on, folks.

It works just like any modern wireless phone charger, where you simply plonk your compatible phone onto its top to soak up some battery life. As @caoki8 demonstrates, though, having something this cool comes at a price; the back of the phone has to make contact with the charger, so you won't be able to use your screen.

We assumed all of this would only be available from some elusive, Japanese-only website, but you can actually get your hands on it all fairly easily. The charging base can be found on Amazon Japan (with international shipping) for ¥6,990 - which is about £48 / $63 - and you can pick up a custom phone case from Etsy for just over £20.

Our mission to become as cool as Link gets ever closer to completion.

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