Image: @cin_ceja

Following the reveal of Pokémon Sword and Shield for the Nintendo Switch last week, the internet decided to create a third unofficial version known as Pokémon Gun. While fans of the series are now well aware it's a meme, the convincing logo has still managed to fool mainstream media.

According to a Twitter user who goes by the handle @cin_ceja, their local newspaper La voz de Michoacán (located in Mexico), published a picture of the fan-made Pokémon Gun logo alongside an article about the new games. As Twitter user @seekernami points out, the article itself makes no mention of the fake version, so it's actually the designer's mistake.

Image: @cin_ceja

We can only hope mainstream media takes more care when covering Sword and Shield in the future, or the next thing we'll be hearing is how angry people are about gun-wielding Pokémon.

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