Mega Man

If you're yet to experience the Mega Man cartoon from the mid-nineties and feel a sudden urge to do exactly that, you're in luck, because the entire show is available to watch - legally - on YouTube.

Produced by Capcom and Ruby-Spears Productions, the show aired for around a year or so back in 1994-95. It was based on the Mega Man games available at the time, and two seasons were completed and aired; a third was reportedly planned but cancelled before seeing the light of day.

We wouldn't exactly describe it as being a must-watch show, but we challenge you to make it through every episode without wanting to shout "Mega Man" along to the theme tune. Here's the very first episode:

If you're wanting to check out the whole thing, it's all available here via Mega Man Retro - Official Channel. There are playlists for each season as well as special compilations. Enjoy!

Did you watch this back in the day? Will you be checking out the full show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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