Nintendo Switch comic book app InkyPen is now allowing readers to browse a "growing selection of free comics" and explore its catalogue without a subscription.

A brand new patch has been added to the app today, fixing bugs and adding features which primarily includes this selection of free comics. Previously, users had to subscribe to the service to read any material available on the app and, while the subscription remains necessary for the majority of content available, this certainly gives those interested a good chance to see how the app runs first-hand.

Here's some PR on the update to give you a little more info:

InkyPen keeps expanding adding another few hundred comics today from existing publishers with new publishers coming onboard in the weeks ahead. As for future additions, Ronan Huggard, CEO of InkyPen, confirms that expanding the Manga selection is the company's main priority. “We’re Manga fans like many of our users, and we are excited to be talking to many Manga publishers and hope to get more on board soon.”

You can also browse through the app's catalogue online via its renewed website. Subscriptions are available for €7.99 / $7.99 / £5.99 a month.

Do you use InkyPen on Switch? Will you browse through the free comics to see what's on offer? Tell us in the usual place.