Coming from Devespresso Games, the Korean studio behind The Coma: Recut, their latest game is planned for a summer release on Switch and other consoles following a PC launch in April.

Vambrace: Cold Soul is a hand-illustrated 'roguelite' adventure set in the city of Icenaire. The city is populated by a host of unusual survivors and it's your job as Evelia Lyric - the only human who can enter the city - to form a party from the characters you meet and venture out on expeditions.

It looks to be a narrative-rich adventure game involving crafting and battling. You're fighting against the King of Shades who has cursed the city (hence the permanent chilliness, although what do you expect if you call your city Icenaire?) and created an army of undead Wraiths to terrorise all who remain. All sounds a little bit Game of Thrones...

It certainly looks nice. Here are a few highlighted features from the official blurb:

Embark on an epic fanasy-adventure spanning 7 intriguing chapters
· Complete sub-quests to unlock up to 26 new, thematic character skins
· Assemble your party from 5 races and 10 unique classes of recruits
· Craft items and armour from precious materials gathered on your trips that will unlock new skills and enhance stats
· Make crucial decisions - one wrong turn can seal your party's fate
· Prepare well or condemn your comrades to permanent death
· Find codex pages to expand upon the world's history and mythical lore

Like the look of this or have you had your fill of roguelike adventures? Think you can survive the White Walke..., sorry, the Wraiths and take down the King of Shades? Share your thoughts in the usual place.