Is that you, Mario?© Thorpe Park / Paul Harding

UK theme park, Thorpe Park Resort, is gearing up for another year of fun as spring draws near. This year, the resort is hosting an eSports event, so several iconic Nintendo and Fortnite characters have come to celebrate. It looks like Mario and friends might have had a bit too much fun, though.

The event in question is called GameFX and will run from the 6th April to 31st May this year. It's said to offer "a fully-immersive audience experience, enabling gaming aficionados to watch master players from around the UK battle it out on the big screen".

It'll feature a live-streaming area, a retro gaming lounge, VR tech, and more - it sounds like it could be a great time for involved - but we just can't get over these mascots. We're pretty sure we've seen Mario and Luigi look like that before, but only in our childhood nightmares.

Sonic's joined in!© Thorpe Park / Paul Harding
Fortnite skins are here!© Thorpe Park / Paul Harding
Cool dudez!© Thorpe Park / Paul Harding

Still, if you're UK-based and want to see what it's all about, feel free to check out the park's website for more info.

It would appear that the mascots may only have arrived for photo opportunities, so hopefully you'll be safe from those creepy stares on the day.