Launching today on Switch, YUMENIKKI -DREAM DIARY- puts you in the shoes - and the dreams - of a young girl forced to deal with the monsters she encounters in the world of her own subconscious. It's a surrealistic adventure from Playism Games with plenty of puzzle-solving to get stuck into as you explore the mysterious dream worlds and discover what's behind the seven doors within.

The game is described as an 'homage' or 'reboot' of Yume Nikki, a similarly unusual adventure game made in RPG Maker and released on PC back in 2004. It became something of a cult favourite, with fans including indie game designer Derek Yu. The original creator, Kikiyama, is said to have provided 'permission, cooperation, and supervision' for this new version which retains 'the feel of the original world and characters' while updating the design with 3D graphics.

More details are highlighted in the official press release:

Wander through the elaborate and terrifyingly beautiful world expanding before your eyes as you pass through the door to your own dreams.

Experience a unique and alluring realm that stretches the bounds of imagination.

Utilize an eclectic variety of items and effects to venture deeper and deeper into the world of dreams.

As you can see from the trailer, the game appears to be filled with dream-logic geography and some evocative - if not hugely detailed - environments. One to keep an eye out for in the flood of games hitting the eShop this week. It's available today for £17.99/$19.99.

Like the look of this psychological puzzler? Did you play the original on which it's based? Share your impressions below.