JRPG Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland is seeing the light of day on Tuesday 21st May according to Koei Tecmo. A sequel to the PS3 Arland trilogy - available individually or in a Deluxe Pack on Switch - sees you controlling a young woman named Elmerulia Lulua Fryxel, an apprentice alchemist.

The official announcement offers more details:

Lulua studies diligently to fulfill her dream of becoming a great alchemist just like her mother, Rorolina Frixell; but during her training Lulua discovers a mysterious Codex, awakening an ancient power within her that enables Lulua to decrypt but a single page with many more riddles for her to unravel. Players will be tasked with performing actions focused around the core Atelier series gameplay Gathering, Battle, and Synthesis to allow them to decipher more of the text, as well as learn exciting new types of alchemy.

There are a few sparse details on Koei Tecmo America's website along with the pretty pictures we've reproduced here. No word on pricing yet, though.

Are you a fan of the series? Does this trailer get you in the mood to return to that world? Share your impressions below.