Note: This video contains flashing lights and rapidly changing colours.

Publisher ARTE and German indie developer Ludopium have announced that their upcoming rhythm-based puzzler Vectronom is headed to Nintendo Switch.

In Vectronom, players must memorise patterns and solve environment-specific puzzles while moving their hopping cube to the beat. You can see a tease of the action in the trailer above, where obstacles change in sync with the music and bright, vibrant colours seem to attack the senses. The game is said to get "harder from level to level, challenging the player’s three-dimensional thinking".

Challenging single player campaign
- Each level features original electronic beats and a colorful, dynamic art style
- Play with friends via local, drop-in/drop-out multiplayer
- Level Editor - Create your own wacky levels using curated beats and challenge the world with never before seen rhythmic puzzles.
- Use alternate controllers like dance pads or MIDI instruments
-Create your own soundtrack - hook up to an analogue synthesizer via the headphone output and compose live music as you play alon

No specific release date or pricing has been confirmed just yet, but we do know that the game is set to launch on both Switch and Steam this spring.

Do you like rhythm-based games? Does this look like a hit to you, or a little off-beat? Sound off below.