Back in March of last year, QUByte Interactive revealed that it had acquired the console rights to Visco Corporation's bullet hell series, Vasara, noting that a collection containing both Vasara and Vasara 2 would be headed to Switch. We now have a little more information about the release, and it's good news for physical fans.

That's right, thanks to a partnership with Strictly Limited Games, a physical version of this two-game collection will soon be heading to a Switch near you. Both games are being treated to HD overhauls and will feature exclusive new content.

VASARA Collection ArtBox

If you haven't experienced Vasara before, the games were previously exclusive to Japanese arcades, having players fight against warships, battle tanks, giant robots, evil soldiers, and rogue Samurais to prevent 1600's Japan from being taken over by tyrannical forces. This new collection will also be launching digitally, with both forms of release expected to arrive early this year.

Does this one sound like your kind of thing? Have you been waiting for more news on Vasara since that initial announcement? There's not long to wait now, folks!