Image: @ejunkie2014

In what is surely the most important news of the day so far, we now have confirmation that Bowsette is technically impossible and will absolutely not be appearing in the upcoming New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe on Nintendo Switch. Gah.

We imagine most of you remember last year's social phenomenon Bowsette, but for anyone who missed that particular period of time, make sure to check out this (perfectly safe) gallery of fanart images. Essentially, Bowsette is an alternative version of Princess Peach who has been merged with Bowser, dreamt up thanks to the inclusion of the transforming Super Crown item in Mario's next adventure on Switch.

The official site for the game has a special section dedicated to this Super Crown, however, confirming everyone's suspicions that only Toadette can wear it. The site even goes as far as to apologise to Luigi for not being able to wear it, but we all know Nintendo really meant "Sorry Bowsette fans - but there's absolutely no way that character's making its way into our game".


So there you have it, Bowsette is no more (apart from in those corners of the internet, of course).

Now, carry on with your day as you were, and make sure to drop us a comment below sharing your thoughts on the whole thing.

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