Blue Toad Yoshi IMG

If you've been keeping tabs on yesterday's New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe revelations, you will have no doubt have heard Blue Toad is in fact in the game. After concerns the plucky little guy had been left out, word began to spread online if you simply held the 'L' or 'ZL' button on your controller while selecting the Yellow Toad in the character menu, the blue one would appear.

As there's no information about the ability to swap between the different coloured Toads in the character select menu, Nintendo of America has now taken to Twitter to help pass on the message:

Separate to this tweet, there's been another small discovery. Even though the Yellow Toad and Blue Toad are both in the Deluxe version of the game on Switch, you can't use them at the same time during multiplayer. Here's the proof:

Blue Toad IMG2

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