Blue Toad New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

When Nintendo (pretty much) changed the world with the reveal of Toadette/Peachette and the Super Crown in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe - spawning the Bowsette phase - one Mario star was seemingly left out in the cold. Replaced, forgotten, and all but ready to join the Toy Story cast in that Toy Story 3 incinerator scene, Blue Toad was no more. Gasp.

Hold back your tears, though, as it turns out that the plucky little guy is in the game after all (even if he is completely hidden away). While Toadette and Peachette do take his place almost everywhere - the box art, the menus, and probably the hearts of the next generation of Mario fans - he can be used to play each level and traverse the game's overall map if you know this little trick.

If you want to join us in rescuing Blue Toad from the murky depths of loneliness, all you have to do is hold either the 'L' or 'ZL' button while highlighting Yellow Toad from the character selection menu. Doing so will swap the Toads over; you can see it for yourself in this video from BeardBear.

So there you have it. Blue Toad is available after all and you can finally get that much-needed rest at night.

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