As part of Nintendo's newly-released financial report, an up-to-date launch schedule of "primary" Nintendo products has been shared. The schedule shows the expected release windows for all major Nintendo-published games that have already been announced.

Aside from Metroid Prime 4, which Nintendo recently confirmed has been rather majorly delayed, the schedule shows that most games are still headed for their initial release window targets. While the list doesn't provide us with the exact dates that we so desperately want to hear for our favourite titles, and is largely made up of info we already knew, it's nice to have an updated confirmation that - as of right now - these windows are still very much intact.

Naturally, those launch dates and titles are still technically subject to change, but we'd expect to see or hear more about them as the months pass by, hopefully alongiside some more specific timings.

Which of these games are you most looking forward to? Tell us below.