The Switch's early days were full of amazing stories from indie game developers, with the console being regarded as one of the best places to generate sales for your beloved creations. As fans of the console hoovered up every delightful indie the Switch had going, many games saw huge boosts in sales, slowly but surely driving more and more developers to the console as a result.

Of course, as well now know, this has led to a situation where it's not uncommon for us to see around 25-30 new games release every single week on Switch. It's a crazy number of games for one platform to hold, and some fantastic titles which would have prospered in the early days of the console's life are now being lost thanks to the avalanche of competitors around it.

As such, it's particularly interesting to see this up-to-date sales report from Thimbleweed Park developer Ron Gilbert. Thimbleweed Park arrived on Switch in September 2017, bringing its classics-inspired point-and-click goodness to Nintendo's platform just a few months after its initial launch on Steam and Xbox One. The chart below shows how the game has performed across all platforms during its entire time on the market.

TP Sales
Image: GrumpyGamer

As you can see, the Switch version of the game is just leading the way in terms of sales, closely followed by Steam. Interestingly, Gilbert notes that in the last quarter, the Switch version did three times as well as the Steam version, and describes the Sony sales as "perplexing". It certainly is strange to see the console with the largest install base offer the lowest number of sales, particularly considering Europe is where Thimbleweed Park sales are apparently strongest, but you can't really argue with facts.

If you're interested, you can check out Gilbert's full report here.

Before you go, though, let us know your thoughts on this data in the comments. Does anything about the chart surprise you?