Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is about to kick off its second in-game event, with celebrations this time focusing on all things Fire Emblem.

Last weekend played host to an 'A Spectacle to Behold!' event in which Spirits of characters who wear glasses or sunglasses were spotted on the Spirit Board in great numbers. As you might expect, then, this second event will feature a similar sequence of events, but with Spirits of Fire Emblem characters instead.

The event is called 'Fire Emblem Fest Part 1' and is scheduled to run for three days. We've got all the times, dates, and info you need for your region below.

Event times:

US (PT): 20th December, 10pm - 23rd December, 10pm
US (ET): 21st December, 1am - 24th December, 1am
UK (GMT): 21st December, 6am - 24th December, 6am
Europe (CET): 21st December, 7am - 24th December, 7am

Noteworthy Spirit appearances (every day):

US (PT): Azura (4am/4pm) | Caeda (10am/10pm) | Eirika (1am/1pm) | Eliwood (7am/7pm)
US (ET): Azura (7am/7pm) | Caeda (1am/1pm) | Eirika (4am/4pm) | Eliwood (10am/10pm)
UK (GMT): Azura (12am/12pm) | Caeda (6am/6pm) | Eirika (9am/9pm) | Eliwood (3am/3pm)
Europe (CET): Azura (1am/1pm) | Caeda (7am/7pm) | Eirika (10am/10pm) | Eliwood (4am/4pm)

Other Fire Emblem Spirits will also appear more frequently.

Did you take to the Spirits Board for the last event? Will you be jumping into the game this weekend to snag your Fire Emblem favourites? Tell us below.

[source twitter.com, via siliconera.com]