Super Smash Bros Ultimate IMG 1

For quite a number of years now, Nintendo has not included physical manuals inside its game cases. Nowadays you're lucky if you get a single instructional leaflet. The Japanese company has even gone as far as punching holes inside 3DS cases to make the overall production cycle more environmentally friendly.

While it does make a lot of sense to cut down on any excess materials as we enter an all-digital future, there are still plenty of modern video game enthusiasts out there who still have fond memories of the highly descriptive and colourful game manuals that used to be the norm.

With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arriving later this week, one fan has taken matters into their own hands. Going by the Reddit username of OharaLibrarianArtur, the individual has created a 52-page digital manual for Smash Ultimate that can be printed out. It uses existing assets from the game's official website and information from previous Smash announcements. The guide even includes character move sets, which the manual's creator made special note of at the live demo events for the game.

Here's a glimpse of the game manual in all its glory:

You can see every page over on Imgur or download a copy for yourself via the original Reddit post.

What do you think of this manual? Do you wish physical manuals were still the standard in 2018? Tell us below.