In one of the weirder stories to appear over the weekend, some customers who pre-ordered their copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate from Amazon Mexico appear to have received random DVDs instead.

The game had been available to pre-order on the site leading up to launch, with many getting their orders in early to secure a copy of the game for release day. A quick look at the user reviews on the game's page shows that many didn't receive the game on time, leading to much upset and disappointment, but that was really only the tip of the iceberg.

Several user reviews go on to show photographs of the products that actually arrived, including copies of The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 and Mi Pobre Angelito Volume 2 on DVD; the new owner of the latter called the service a "fraud" in their write-up. Reddit user BrianRoke also shared an image of their new purchase, revealing the contents of the package to be a copy of En El Tornado. In a later update, the user revealed that they were eventually sent a copy of the game and were allowed to keep the DVD.

Image: BrianRoke

The reasons behind the apparent mix up are currently unknown, but the game is currently sitting at the number one spot of best-selling games on the site despite the problems. Many customers did receive the game as planned, resulting in a very mixed review section on the site.

Here's hoping that these customers get what they originally hoped for soon. We'll never get annoyed at a slight delivery delay ever again.

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