With 2018 coming to a close today, it's time to look forward to the exciting possibilities of 2019. In many ways, we're actually rather in the dark about what's to come - we'd expect Nintendo to unleash some more big name reveals to fill current gaps - but we do know about several releases which have the potential to arrive on Switch over the next 365 days.

One of those titles - and one that many reading this page will be uncontrollably excited for - is Bayonetta 3. The game is just one of several currently in development at PlatinumGames (Babylon's Fall is expected to arrive next year on PS4 and PC, and smartphone project World of Demons is in development, too, amongst others) and the studio is no doubt working incredibly hard to make it as strong as it can possibly be.

Speaking to 4Gamer (with a translation via Gematsu), Atsushi Inaba, Development General Manager and Executive Producer at PlatinumGames, has said the following about 2019, noting that the studio wishes to "step up" its work and that it'll make some announcements along the way.

“Next year will be an intense year as usual. It seems like it will be a year where PlatinumGames aims to step up a few steps, so I’ll do the best that I can…. If I end it with something safe like that, then my statement won’t be interesting, right? So next year we will make various announcements!”

We're still yet to receive a release window for Bayonetta 3 - it's worth noting that it could well come after 2019 - but development was said to be going "very, very well" just a few months ago.

Are you hoping to see the game arrive next year? Do you think Nintendo players might be treated to even more goodness in the promised announcements? Let us know your thoughts below.

[source 4gamer.net, via gematsu.com]