MKGP2 Koopa Img

The airborne koopa Lakitu has a long history with the Mario Kart series. He's best known for starting each race and helping out when karts go off-course. Later on in Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart 8, Lakitu was added to the series as a playable character.

Now, the Nintendo and Bandai Namco collaboration Mario Kart Arcade GP DX has added the flying character - who excels in handling - to its lineup. Two new courses have also been released. The first is Banana Laybrinth and the second one is DK Jungle. Some additional features in this update include displaying your face on the results, time attack and ranking screens.

There's no information if this update will be made available outside of Japan. Depending on your location, these cabinets can be hard to find as it is. The DX version of Arcade GP was first released in Japan in 2013 and later on made its way across to North America and Europe. It added underwater and gliding features from MK7 and two new modes, allowing players to race against ghosts - much like Bandai Namco's street racing arcade series, Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune.

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