Mutiplayer Screenshot

On 12th December, you'll be able to enjoy the simple life in the valley with up to three friends, on a communal farm of your own – and no, not as part of a cult (unless you’re into that sort of thing).

Announced just days before its release, the free patch for Stardew Valley on the Switch will be available to download this Wednesday. The update for the game will enable you to invite between 1-3 friends – both via Nintendo Switch Online and local play – and either create a brand new farm together or use one of your existing save files.

If you've got access to Nintendo Switch Online, you'll be able to utilize voice chat, as well as the new chat box feature (with nearly 200 emojis custom-made for the game). Playing via local communications allows up to four consoles to connect, so players can also engage over short distances without the need for an online account.

Each player has a separate cabin on the shared farm – similar to Animal Crossing, but way cooler. The multiplayer functionality will enable players to complete numerous tasks with their friends – including farming, mining, fishing and foraging – as well as participate in festivals together. You can even “choose to woo the eligible folks of Pelican Town, or craft a wedding ring to propose to a fellow player. If the other player accepts the ring, the couple becomes engaged!”. But don’t make it awkward for the rest of your friends…

New single-player content will also be available in the patch. For those who’ve recently played the PC version of the game, you’ll be familiar with these updates – but we won’t share any spoilers for the dedicated Switch fans. Just know there will be new festivals, new character events, new adventures and even hats for your horse – an equestrian dream come true!

Here are some more details from the game's developer ConcernedApe:

The state of the Stardew Valley game world, including the main storyline, is shared between all players on the farm, as well as the pool of money you accumulate. However, each player will have their own private inventories, skills, achievements, collections, individual relationships, quests, and crafting/cooking recipes. As more hands are better than one, you may wish to change the difficulty level of your collective farm, which you can achieve by scaling the profit margins.

Just when you thought Stardew Valley couldn't get much better, they've found a way to make it legendary. This holiday season is shaping up to be a fantastic time for gaming with friends & family.


Are you still actively playing Stardew Valley? Do you plan to test out the multiplayer functionality? How many real-life proposals do you think will happen with this game now? Let us know your thoughts below