Originally expected to launch tomorrow, Battle Princess Madelyn has been unexpectedly delayed on Nintendo Switch.

The news comes from the game's publisher Hound Picked Games, which has confirmed the delay in a new press release. We've included the official statement on the matter for you below.

"Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 are set to release one week later on 13th December (DATE TBC). The delay to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 version will result in a special FAQ being posted shortly. This is to aid and assist gamers from feedback received, along with implementation of a patch to make the game even more brilliant!"

This is strangely late for a delay to be announced; you'd usually expect the launch process to be well and truly in motion by this point so it'll be interesting to see any information on the matter in this upcoming FAQ. The Steam and Xbox One versions are unaffected and will be releasing tomorrow as planned.

As a reminder, the game will be available for $19.99 / £15.79 / €17.49 when it does launch next week.

Were you looking forward to tucking into this one tomorrow? Let us know your thoughts below.