While we wait for Sega AGES release of Out Run on the Switch eShop here in the west, why not take a moment to watch the beautiful Japanese overview trailer that's just been released. It highlights the exotic locations within the game and the magical soundtrack. Otherwise, if you know how, you can always buy the game right now from the Japanese eShop for 999 yen. The menus and settings are all in English as well.

Locally, Phantasy Star arrives on 13th December, after experiencing multiple delays. Out Run, unfortunately, won't arrive until some time early next year. If you're looking for an alternative fix, Horizon Chase Turbo has been released locally. Although it's more comparable to Top Gear, it should be more than enough to satisfy any speed demons out there.

Can you hold out until next year after watching this video, have you already bought the Japanese eShop version? Tell us below.

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