We rather liked the Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle when it launched recently, and our only real complaint was that Capcom had been rather lazy when it came to screen options.

The company obviously took note of play feedback on this matter, as it quickly announced that an update was in the works which would address this issues - and more!

The good news is that the update is now available, and comes with the following fixes:

New Screen Filters – Transport yourself back to the arcades with new scanline/arcade filter options.

New Screen Size
– In addition to the full screen size, there is now the option to display the screen in its original size to fit more types of screens.

ON/OFF Toggle for Mid-session Joining
– When creating a lobby, there is now an option to turn off the ability for other players to join your in-game session.

Let us know what you make of these changes by posting a comment below.