2 Gbros + Super Smash Bros

Just in time for the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Switch, peripheral maker 8BitDo has announced that it's bringing out a special adapter that allows you to wirelessly connect your classic GameCube pad to Nintendo's latest system.

The device - which also works with Windows PCs - connects via Bluetooth and offers around 30 hours of play during a single charge.

It has two ports - a GameCube controller port and a Wii one - so you can also use the classic controllers bundled with the NES and SNES Mini, as well as any controller designed to work on the original Wii console. The device has 'Home' and 'Screenshot' buttons, too. Fancy!

3 Gbros. Family

It launches on December 7th and will cost $19.99. Let us know if you'll be getting one of these by posting a comment below.

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