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Since the Switch arrived on the scene in March 2017, there's been strong demand for Nintendo to double down on its games development for the platform rather than waste resources on providing new experiences for the 3DS line.

Speaking to Kotaku, Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime wanted to reassure Nintendo fans that Switch development had been the priority all along. He did this by making reference to the sheer volume of content launched and announced for the hybrid system so far.

Our development focus is on Nintendo Switch... You look at the plethora of content we’ve launched; the plethora of content we’ve announced. That is clearly where our development focus is.

So, where does this leave the 3DS? As Reggie explains, it's there to provide younger audiences with their first gaming experiences.

There are a lot of five, six, seven-year olds who have an opportunity to have their first gaming device and to have a fantastic gaming experience. And that’s what our dedicated handheld business is for, both the 2DS and the 3DS... the next generation of gamers need to start somewhere.

When queried about certain experiences coming to the 3DS, Reggie reiterated how Nintendo actually wanted the newest experiences on the Switch, using the recently announced Luigi's Mansion game - due out next year - as an example.

Well, we want the newest experience to be on Switch. That’s why the upcoming Luigi’s Mansion game is going to be a fantastic experience.

What do you think about Nintendo's ongoing support of the 3DS line? Does it frustrate you, or do you respect the fact the company wants to continue support for this iconic handheld? Tell us below.

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