Super Smash Bros. Ultimat

As with other popular games of the past, such as Pokémon X and Y, physical copies of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate may have already made their way into the wild. With the game being prepared for distribution, it is a fact that the physical game will be passed between companies, warehouses and people in the coming weeks.

Twitter user @ferdkssb48 has posted a compilation of what are claimed to be photos of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gameplay, as well as the physical game case and cartridge. However, as the YouTube app was recently released on the Nintendo Switch, without unique video proof, the gameplay photos could be video-related trickery.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate News on Twitter reached out to one of the original photo uploaders who claimed to have a legitimate physical version of the game. While they conclude it as legitimate, Smash Bros. subreddit moderator 8Stuart98 said, "I'm really not so sure about the second one. It was posted here and we sent the poster a request for a very specific screenshot that they never responded to." As Super Smash Bros. is seeing more and more clever hoaxes, without broad, unique video evidence to support these claims, nothing can be verified completely.

Regardless, with the game closing in on release, be careful of potential spoilers that may pop up within the coming weeks. As always, when the game launches, we here at Nintendo Life will continue our coverage of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.