Super Smash Bros amiibo collectionNintendo Life

As Nintendo has previously stated, every new fighter added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate receives the amiibo treatment. This extends to each DLC fighter that is eventually revealed. If you were already having nightmares about completing your Smash-themed amiibo collection - well now you'll have even more after the latest fighter announcements.

In the final Smash Direct, there were a bunch of dates locked in for the amiibo versions of previously announced fighters as well as the newly revealed ones. The current amiibo release schedule is as follows - Inkling, Ridley and Wolf will arrive this year alongside the game's release on 7th December and are available to pre-order from Nintendo's online shop right now.

Then, on 15th February 2019 - King K. Rool, Ice Climbers and Piranha Plant will be released. Other fighters arriving at some point during 2019 include Isabelle, Pichu, Ken, Young Link and Daisy. You can see all of the recently announced fighters in the gallery below:

King K Rool. amiibo© Nintendo
Ice Climbers amiibo© Nintendo
Piranha Plant amiibo© Nintendo
Ken amiibo© Nintendo
Link amiibo© Nintendo
Princess Peach amiibo© Nintendo
Piku amiibo© Nintendo
Isabelle amiibo© Nintendo

Which of the new Smash amiibo will you be picking up? Tell us below.