Fortnite is being updated to version 6.30 today, bringing with it the usual bucket load of changes that are sure to change the way you play. Interestingly, developer Epic Games has also decided to remove the controversial glider redeploy function that has been speeding up matches over the last few weeks.

Starting as a limited time mode feature back in August, but then becoming a main staple for the game, the glider redeploy tactic allowed players to throw out their glider whenever they reached a certain height, essentially giving players much more freedom with their movement and allowing for quick, swoop-style kills. The change divided the game's ridiculously huge fanbase, and Epic has now decided to only include it in "larger team modes" such as the usual Soaring 50s mode.

Elsewhere, a new Mounted Turret weapon is being added this week, acting as a Legendary Trap. The turret can only be placed on floors, has unlimited ammo but will overheat if fired too often, and can be damaged if hit by gunfire or if its structural support is destroyed. Once the turret is placed, any player - regardless of which team they're on - can use it.


A new limited time mode called Food Fight is also being introduced today. This mode sees a giant battle taking place between the game's mascots Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit. There are two teams, stationed on either side of the map, and a huge barrier runs down the middle. Teams must build a fort to protect their restaurant mascot and, when the barrier eventually lowers, you'll need to destroy the enemy's mascot to win the match. You can see the chaos unfold below.

There are also the usual bug fixes and slight changes, such as Pickaxe damage now doing 20 damage to players instead of 10, a new “Reset Camera” action being added to the Switch version of the game, and improved memory performance on Switch, too.

Have you been keeping up with Fortnite over the last few weeks? Do you like the regular updates and new modes being introduced? Let us know below.