Goku God Saiyan

Before arriving on the Nintendo Switch in September, Dragon Ball FighterZ was released on multiple other platforms at the start of the year. Bandai Namco has since worked on bolstering the fighting roster by adding in DLC characters such as Cooler and Android 17.

Shortly after the initial launch, Bamco revealed the game had hit two million shipments and digital sales worldwide. According to the title's official Japanese Twitter account, figures have now exceeded the 3.5 million mark.

It's not clarified how much the Switch release has contributed to overall sales, but we're guessing it's done relatively well being the only portable version of the game available. It must have sold to some extent, as Bandai Namco followed up the release of FighterZ on Switch with the announcement the card game Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission would be making its way to Nintendo's platform in 2019.

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