Update: Cooler and Android 17 will join the fight on Nintendo Switch from 28th September. Take a look at the latest free update trailer above.

Original Story: The former villain and twin brother of Android 18 will soon be added to Bandai Namco's hit game, Dragon Ball FighterZ. According to a reveal in the latest issue of Japanese publication V-Jump, the DLC fighter Android 17 is due out in late September for approximately $4.99 / 500 yen.

Alongside this, Bamco is releasing a free update including a new "Space Arena" stage and will also be distributing seasonal Z Capsules until late November, including Halloween-themed stamps and outfits for lobby characters.

Here's the description of Android 17's special move set, courtesy of Gematsu:

“Barrier Explosion” – Surrounds his body in a barrier before charging forward. This can also be used in the air.
“End Game” – Goes around behind the enemy and continuously attacks.
Meteor Attack: “Super Electric Strike” – Swirls around energy that builds up in his hands, then fires it off. This can also be used in the air.

The date this new DLC fighter and free content will be added to the Switch version is currently unknown. The free arena will reportedly be released at a later date and while Android 17 is due out later this month on other platforms, there's no word on when exactly he'll be added to the Switch version, keeping in mind this release arrives for Nintendo audiences on 28th September.

Dragon Ball Z V Jump Android 17 IMG

Are you glad to hear Android 17 is being included as a DLC character in Dragon Ball FighterZ? Will you be joining the battle when the game arrives later this month on Switch? Tell us below.

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