People love to ride on Nintendo's successes, even when they're not terribly successful, such as the Wii U. So it's no enormous surprise that Huawei compared their new 'gaming phone', the Mate 20 X, to the biggest cock of the handheld gaming walk, the Nintendo Switch.

Aside from the fact that claiming something as simply 'better' is abhorrently subjective, Huawei's claims do seem rather optimistic, banking almost exclusively on the extra inch of screen and lasting twice as long each session. No mention of games, compatibility, or even good old fashioned buttons means that their bravado is a bit of a stretch in many people's eyes.


It's all just marketing talk of course, and in reality comparisons to other systems and claims of superiority are relatively commonplace, but that doesn't mean it's not fun to poke holes in them. So that's why we went and did the video above, which we thoroughly recommend you watch with your eyeballs or similar seeing appendages.

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