Playtonic Games has shared a brand new video for Yooka-Laylee, giving us a good look at the game's promised 64-bit mode.

This demastered Nintendo 64-inspired mode has been promised for the game ever since the project first started out on Kickstarter. Players have had to wait for the mode to arrive for quite some time (our first glimpse of how it could look arrived back in July) but it would appear that Playtonic Games is now gearing up for its release, stating that it is "coming soon".

As you can see for yourself above, the 64-bit visuals adopt a low poly style, with a capped frame rate and a scanline filter to enhance the retro vibes. To change the visuals over to this new mode, players must simply head over to Vendi, choosing the '64-bit' tonic.

We don't have an exact launch date for this promised feature, but this new video upload is certainly a promising step forward. It should only be a matter of time.

Will you be checking it out when it arrives? What do you think of the style? Let us know with a comment below.