Rail Cover 1

If you're at all worried about dropping the Switch on its side, then perhaps you should consider these stylish rail covers for your beloved system. Developed by the two-man team at Gravilogic, these "Switchblades" (as can be seen in the images above and below) promise to protect your Nintendo Switch's electrical leads from exposure and also prevent damage to the rails if the system is dropped. All you have to do is slide them on, much like you would when attaching a Joy-Con to either side of the system.

Gravilogic's Switchblades come in over two dozen different designs ranging from stately hardwoods to vibrant acrylics. The Kickstarter campaign is said to be going live later this week. For now, here's a bit more about how the rail covers are made:

We use countersink screws along with a low-friction polymer to ensure that the Switchblades don’t scratch or mar the black coating on the console rails. We only use solid hardwood; no cheap particle board with a fragile veneer! The wood is soaked with mineral oil to bring out its vibrant colors and coated with beeswax to provide a protective finish. Finally, we designed a positive locking mechanism that works with the console rails. The Switchblades install with a satisfying audible click and won’t accidentally slide off the rails

Take a look at the many different Switchblades below:

Galaxy Line 2

Have you been wanting to protect the rails on your Switch, or do you think this is a bit much? Tell us below.

[source gravilogic.com]