It would appear that Nintendo has refused future stock shipments to Amazon France following a number of disagreements over product pricing, meaning customers must now buy their Switch consoles from third-party sellers or shop elsewhere.

The French retailer no longer has any stock of the Switch in any variant available to purchase on the site. All product listings now refer the buyer to third-party sellers who, in many cases, are selling the system for a slightly higher price than what is suggested at retail. According to IGN, this situation has been caused by a decision from Nintendo, leaving the store with no choice but to point all traffic to its hosted sellers.

This move reportedly comes as a response to numerous markdowns in price; Amazon France has previously offered the console for as low as €270, with other retailers remaining at €299.99 or above. While it would be Amazon which takes the hit from this price drop, rather than Nintendo, it's possible that Nintendo wishes to avoid one retailer securing domination over the sales of the system; rather than upset other retailers, it seems that Nintendo wants the console to be consistent across the board.

Interestingly, this has also caused major upcoming games such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Super Mario Party to be removed from the store, too. These games are no longer available to pre-order and, at the time of writing, cannot be found on the site at all. Unless Amazon France can regain Nintendo's trust, the retailer may well find itself without the gaming giant's latest and greatest products.

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