Castlevania fever is running high at the moment, with Simon and Richter Belmont arriving in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in December, a new season of the Netflix series airing next week, and this month's release of Castlevania Requiem (which sadly won't be making it to Switch). Naturally, this means that eager fans of the series are in a pretty 'Castlevania mood' right now, and this includes Disney artist Vince Aparo.

Aparo is a storyboard artist for Disney Television Animation - the animation production arm of Disney's world-dominating business operations - and just so happens to be working on the new DuckTales reboot series. With the second season of the show coming up soon, Aparo wanted to share an art piece which combines two of his favourite things.

If you're also a fan of both franchises, you'll likely be aware that instead of Dracula chilling over the castle, this image depicts Magica de Spell complete with fangs and glowing eyes. Also, Simon Belmont has been replaced by DuckTales' Launchpad McQuack to complete the crossover. It's a frighteningly good mash-up, we're sure you'll agree.

Now then, we wonder how a DuckTales-Castlevania game mash-up would play out? There's something for you to ponder over for the rest of the day...