Nintendo has shared a new launch trailer to celebrate today's release of Yo-Kai Watch Blasters: Red Cat Corps & White Dog Squad on Nintendo 3DS.

The latest games in the Yo-kai befriending franchise are making a big splash on Nintendo's purely handheld system today, with fans of the series no doubt tucking into its delights as we speak. If you've missed the news surrounding the new games, or want to learn a little more about what to expect, this trailer's look at the features contained within should give you a helping hand.

Earlier this week, we posted our review of the games to let you know whether or not we think they're worth picking up. Feel free to check out the full review if you'd like to find out more, but it's pretty safe to say that we enjoyed our experience. Here's a little snippet:

"While its rinse and repeat Diablo-lite gameplay can get a little repetitive after extended play, there’s no denying how much fun it is to return to the world of Yo-kai Watch. Whether playing solo or via local or online co-op, Level-5 has taken all the hallmarks of the series and made it even more accessible to newcomers and seasoned monster hunters. A fine way to see off the series on 3DS, and proof the Yo-Kai series is strong enough to tweak its formula with a spin-off and still maintain that quintessential Japanese magic."

Are you a Yo-Kai Watch fan? Have you treated yourself to these latest entries yet? Let us know with a comment below.