Update: Below is what you can expect. The event starts on 13th September. 

Splatoon 2 AC Crossover

Original article: As the wait continues for the next mainline entry in the Animal Crossing series to be announced, Nintendo remains focused on the micro-transaction mobile release, Pocket Camp. Anyone who plays this game on a regular basis will be aware of the special events encouraging players to spend their Bells and perhaps even drop some real-life money every now and then.

The latest news regarding Pocket Camp is via Isabelle's Twitter page, with the following tweet posted: 

As can be seen above, the picture is of a gyroid from the Animal Crossing series covered in neon pink and green paint. Isabelle even says it looks familiar, so we're guessing a Splatoon crossover event is on the way. Presumably, there'll be special items, clothing, and accessories up for grabs. The recently shut down Miitomo for mobile also had Splatoon events where players could obtain themed items and clothing. 

Have you played Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp before? Would a potential crossover event encourage you to try it out? Tell us below. 

[source japanesenintendo.com]