A few weeks ago, a blurry image of a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Switch bundle began to float around the internet, seemingly originating from users on sites such as Reddit and ResetEra who claimed to have found the image on the website of French retailer, Carrefour. Naturally, many were hesitant to put any faith into the image being real - ourselves included - but new information has now given more weight to the potential "leak" than ever before.

Let's roll back the clock to yesterday, when a brand new, super delicious-looking Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! Switch console bundle was announced featuring Pikachu and Eevee artwork on the dock and system. Alongside the console itself, official images were released of the boxes that will be available at retail; if you look closely (on the left-hand side) you can see a notice for the upcoming Nintendo Switch Online service, no doubt warning customers that a subscription will be necessary to access online features.

The new Pokémon Switch bundle box featuring a Switch Online notice on the side

Now, let's compare that to the old, blurry Smash Bros. bundle image. As you can see, the exact same warning seems to be in place in the very same location. If the image was faked, the positioning and shape of the red box will go down as the luckiest leak effort of all time; instead, we're cautiously starting to believe that the image is indeed real.

The "leaked" Smash Bros. bundle featuring an identical Switch Online notice

As always, we'd urge you to wait for an official confirmation from Nintendo before completely believing this to be true, but the signs are certainly pointing towards its validity. Of course, if and when the bundle is announced, we'll have all the juicy info you need right here on the site.

Do you think it's real? Would you like a Smash Bros. edition Switch console? Is this the start of a new wave of Switch designs set to destroy our wallets? Let us know below.