SNK Neo Geo Mini

We really liked the SNK Neo Geo Mini when we took a look at it recently. This miniature retro arcade packs in 40 classic Neo Geo games and has a lovely 3.5-inch display; it's like a SNES Classic with the added bonus of portability, and it looks super cute on your desk as well.

We've just got word from UK retailer Funstock Retro - the same guys who kindly sourced our review sample - that it is planning to open pre-orders for the Internation Edition version of the SNK Neo Geo Mini this coming Monday (10th September).

If you're interested in picking one of these up, then head over to the pre-order registration page and pop in your email address. You'll get an email as soon as they go on sale, and Funstock is warning that it will be first come, first served situation with very limited stock.

We've no news about how much these will cost over here yet. Do you plan on picking up one of these bad boys? Let us know with a comment.