Serenity Forge has announced that its upcoming narrative mystery A Case of Distrust will be arriving on Nintendo Switch next week.

A Case of Distrust is described as "a blend of the board game Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, adventure games 80 Days and Phoenix Wright, the poster design of Saul Bass, and the hard-boiled novels of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler." If you just so happen to be a fan of all of these things, then today is certainly your lucky day.

The game is a narrative mystery set in 1924 San Francisco. You'll be playing as private investigator Phyllis Cadence Malone inside a historical 2D adventure game setting, exploring underground speakeasies, smoke-filled billiard halls, classic barber shops, and more. You'll need to catch suspects by using evidence, statements, and your wits, all while dealing with various challenges along the way.

This one released on Steam earlier in the year, going on to receive 'positive' reviews from users on the platform. It also scored favourably among critics, earning itself a Metacritic score of 77. You can check out some screenshots from the title below.

You should be able to find this one already sitting on the Nintendo eShop, waiting for you to lovingly press that 'pre-order' button.

What do you think? Might you give this one a try?