Physical distributor and specialist Limited Run Games has updated its release schedule, locking in the exact pre-order dates for two upcoming Switch titles.

The first game Furi will become available on 14th September and the second game Golf Story is reportedly arriving at the end of this month on 28th September. Furi's physical release will include interior case artwork as well as a full-colour manual and can be pre-ordered until 28th September. 

Furi was released earlier this year on the Switch eShop and developed by the French-based indie studio, The Game Bakers. The title takes place on a colourful planet and is a fast-paced action game. Golf Story is a 2017 eShop release by Australian developer Sidebar Games and is exclusive to the Switch. It mixes the RPG genre with golf.

Golf Story Boxart

This news follows the highly anticipated classic edition and collectathon bundle of Yooka-Laylee going on sale yesterday, with these versions of the selling out in a matter of minutes. Pre-orders for the standard version are still available. 

Do either of these physical versions interest you? Have you bought any existing Limited Run Games? Tell us below.