Bossa Studios has revealed the all-important release date for the upcoming Surgeon Simulator CPR on Nintendo Switch via a brand new launch trailer. Luckily, we don't have long to wait - it'll be available next week on 13th September.

As you can see above, the news was shared in the form of a highly-stylised 'training' video starring Dr. Nigel Burke - the game's slightly unprofessional protagonist. This video shows off small snippets of the gameplay you can expect to experience, as well as how the Joy-Con are used to make this edition of the game unique. Local co-op is also explored, and a healthy dose of humour makes it a pleasant watch. Make sure to check it out.

If you've missed the previous announcements, or want to know a little more, Surgeon Simulator essentially arms players with a less-than-conventional toolkit, tasking you with performing terrifying transplants in theatre, high-pressure procedures in the back of an ambulance, and even anti-gravitational operations in space which result in more chaos than life-saving. As mentioned above, the Switch's motion controls are an optional bonus for this version, and the HD Rumble aims to bring each of your tools to life.

The game should be available to pre-order directly from the Switch's eShop starting today. Priced at £9.99, Surgeon Simulator CPR will also have a 10% discount from now through to launch week.

Are you excited for this one? Let us know if you'll be grabbing it next week with a comment below.