A fake Nintendo Labo box

Nintendo Labo is, undeniably, an incredibly creative concept. Getting hold of all this creativity, though - along with the software and bundles of cardboard included - naturally isn't cheap, and some people are now falling victim to numerous fake products being sold by seemingly reputable companies.

A number of fake boxes have been spotted around Asia, including Nintendo's home nation of Japan, with slightly different packaging that looks very similar to the real thing. The boxes use official artwork, simply removing any trace of Nintendo's name, and we can imagine that many people could easily assume these to be the real thing.

The real Variety and Robot Kits (on the left) compared to the fake versions (on the right)

The folks over at Nintendo Soup have shared the story of Reagan, a Nintendo Labo buyer from Asia who recently found himself accidentally getting one of these fakes. Purchased from popular electronics retailer Lazada, the fake Nintendo Labo Variety Kit box had no game card inside.

"All the fake product had were sheets of cardboard, but without the game, they were completely useless."

While we imagine many of you reading our pages would spot the differences between the real versions and the fakes, it's worth putting the message out there to avoid any potential upset. Here's hoping the fake versions never manage to spread too far.

Any thoughts? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

[source nintendosoup.com]